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More than Ink.
More than Shirts.

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Every Printed Tee Tells A Story.

Your favorite sports team.

Your school spirit.

Honoring a loved one.

Your favorite Downtown Noodle Bar.

We all wear branded and custom apparel to show the world what we support, and what our interests are.

What our favorite colors are, what our core beliefs are, and what we stand behind. 

We stand behind our knowledge of fabrics, styles, colors and printing methods.

Put your trust in TPS, and let us create what you love.

If you really want the nitty gritty technical stuff, we're nerds about printing.

We run high quality automatic equipment, an automated dark room, and 

constantly research new-to-market techniques and advancements.

We are a primarily contract decorator servicing Promotional Products Companies,

Brokers, and fellow Screen Printing, Embroidery, and Vinyl shops.

We could list all of our printing techniques below, but why not sign up to our Email List

to receive info on our different print methods, specialty inks, and services we offer?



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