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Fundraising - Not just for team's and non-profits anymore.

Due to recent events, small businesses are facing obstacles covering their necessary expenses. We are here to help! Let's put our Online Stores to work to generate income for your business. These are your next steps, and they won't cost you a dime.

STEP 1: Send us your logo or design (Up to 3 colors), and preferred t-shirt color. Don't have a design? We can create one for you at no cost!

STEP 2: We build a web store for you (at no cost) with product mockups, and you decide how long you want it to run. We typically recommend a week, no longer than two weeks.

STEP 3: You promote the store.

Once you sell 50 shirts, you make $10 per shirt. We will print them in less than 10 days, and ship them to your customers. You receive a check or PayPal deposit with your funds raised.

Let's help each other create a token of support that people can take away from this time. If we work together, there's no way to lose so let's raise some funds!

1. Bella+Canvas 3001 100% Cotton Tees

2. If you sell less than 50 shirts, we will adjust the profit share to cover our added costs.

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